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English Department

Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School's English Language Arts department focuses on rigorous, standards-based instruction.  Our principal curriculum combines traditional text books with web-based instruction that provides our students familiarity with online platforms similar to the Smarter Balanced Assessment. 

English Teachers
Contact Alejandra Aguirre  Alejandra Aguirre Teacher
Contact Rosemarie Aguirre  Rosemarie Aguirre Teacher
Contact Gertrude Annan  Gertrude Annan Teacher
Contact Carmen Baca  Carmen Baca Teacher
Contact Sylvia Baca  Sylvia Baca Teacher
Contact Irma Carrillo  Irma Carrillo Teacher
Contact Rebecca Cruz  Rebecca Cruz Teacher
Contact Patricia Huerta  Patricia Huerta Teacher
Contact Kelvin Jung  Kelvin Jung Teacher
Contact Karmin Mendoza  Karmin Mendoza Teacher
Contact Micaela Merino  Micaela Merino Teacher
Contact Lisa Monie-Peralta  Lisa Monie-Peralta Teacher
Contact Cecilia Pinedo  Cecilia Pinedo Teacher
Contact Rebekah Shibley  Rebekah Shibley Teacher
Contact Isabel Valenzuela  Isabel Valenzuela Teacher
Contact Maria Whang  Maria Whang Teacher