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STEAM Magnet Flyer


STEAM Vision

Griffith STEAM Magnet is a school that incorporates Science, Technology, Mathematics, and has also grown and developed to include a robust and effective Engineering, and Performing Arts program during the past few years.  For the upcoming 2015-2016 school year the Griffith leadership team intends to implement an even more robust and effective Engineering and Performing Arts program that will be capable of competing and excelling in district, city, and eventually State and National competitions.  We have moved towards a more instructional based approach that embraces and promotes family and community involvement in order to foster a more effective and efficient quality of education for our students.  This collaborative approach that gains strength from all school and community stakeholders will propel Griffith STEAM Magnet to one of the top Magnet Schools in the district in the next few years.  We have implemented a holistic approach to delivering a quality education to our students and believe it is crucial that we incorporate both Engineering and the Arts into the name of our Magnet Center in order to better represent the programs and curriculum we effectively offer to our students today. 


At Griffith STEAM Magnet, our vision is to create and grow a positive, safe, diverse, friendly, collaborative, respectful, responsible, and stimulating learning community where students grow toward fulfilling their individual potential in academic, artistic, physical, and socio-emotional areas.  We intend to realize this vision by efficiently and effectively delivering quality instruction and providing an effective learning environment where students can practice and develop the concepts and skills being taught and learned at Griffith STEAM Magnet.  We embrace the focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics curriculum as a holistic approach towards delivering a quality education to our students.


Griffith STEAM staff members, with the support from the parents and community, are to instill in our students high expectations and improve their chances to attain four-year College and higher academic degrees.  Our Magnet program’s new mission will be substantiated through providing students with rigorous academic courses with emphasis on math, science, technology and now arts.  Our goal is to provide our students strong guidance and support in their pursuit of higher education.